What is Neutralizing Shampoo?

What is Neutralizing Shampoo

What is neutralizing shampoo? It is a natural cleansing shampoo for the hair and scalp that promote healthy growth, minimizes frizz and most importantly it balances the pH level of hair. It contains an array of herbs and naturally occurring ingredients, including green tea, aloe, manuka honey, avocado oil, and others. Neutralizing shampoos are formulated with all-natural and botanical extracts that help promote scalp health and cleanse out the hair and scalp without stripping the natural oils found in the hair. So basically it controls damage of hair due to alkali or caustic residues from hair sprays, gels, and coloring products.

What is Neutralizing Shampoo?

The all-natural ingredients work gently to gently lift dirt, grime, oils, and debris from the follicles of the scalp and evenly distribute them throughout the hair while maintaining the pH of hair. The scalp is not irritated by the various ingredients in these hair cleansers because each ingredient has a unique role to play in the healthy growth and restoration of the scalp. For example, manuka honey cleanses with healing and moisturizing the scalp. It is extremely rich in antioxidants and has been proven to reduce the appearance of scalp bumps, and dandruff.

Aloe vera is known as a “miracle plant” due to its ability to soothe the skin and repair itself from sunburns and other irritations. It also heals wounds and aids in wound healing. Avocado oil is incredibly moisturizing, even on drier and more damaged hair. Manuka honey nourishes and protects the hair while it repairs and nourishes the scalp from within.

Nutritional benefits of neutralizing shampoo include improved digestion, increased immunity and cell regeneration of hair. The nutrients contained by this shampoo improve hair nutrition. It provides vitamins A, B, C, E and K minerals. It contains Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential to cell membranes. This complex material reduces inflammation and stimulates blood flow.

With the neutralizing shampoo, you receive the maximum benefits possible from a shampoo. There are no artificial additives or chemicals used. There is no sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium Laureth sulfate. There are no fragrances added that some people do not consider pleasant. For example, lavender or lemon grass are considered quite pleasant but most people do not want to smell like grass or even have a chemical taste in their hair after using the shampoo.

You can combine this shampoo with the use of a hair tonic to restore and maintain healthy hair. To have good shiny hair, use a good conditioner to protect it from the environment and to keep its beautiful shine. Make sure that the hair strands are strong, the oil has to be locked in by a deep conditioning treatment.

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The unique formulation of neutralizing shampoo will leave your hair shiny, moisturized and protected from the environment. If you have thinning or greasy hair, then you will benefit from using this unique shampoo. It is an excellent conditioner that can make your hair healthier and stronger.

You should not use any other shampoo or conditioner on your hair once you have used what is neutralizing shampoo. After you rinse out the shampoo from your hair shaft you should towel dry it to remove excess moisture. You should then apply a thin layer of the conditioner to your hair shaft after your shampoo to seal in the ingredients of the shampoo. If you do not feel comfortable applying the conditioner directly to your hair shaft, then you can buy a conditioner pump or use a small hair brush to apply the product to your hair.

The contents of the bottle will include aloe and nettle extracts. These two ingredients are known for their anti-bacterial properties and they also reduce dryness. Your scalp and hair will be protected and moisturized while you are using what is neutralizing shampoo? There is no need to worry about any type of adverse reaction to this shampoo or conditioner. In fact, most people report having completely successful results with this unique formula.

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