Guide for Cleaning Eyeliner Brush

When one thinks about how to clean an eyeliner brush, it is must to know things to do and things which you should not do. If you want to make sure that your brushes are kept clean and in top condition for a long time, you should follow the steps outlined below. It might seem easy to just wash them a few times and toss them in the washer. In reality, though, you must take the proper steps to ensure that your brushes remain clean.

how to clean eyeliner brush

The first step to remember when cleaning your eyeliner brush is that you need to make sure you only use lukewarm water. lukewarm water is the right thing to use when it comes to washing brushes because cold water will cause the liner to stick to the brush to weaken over time.

After you have wet the brush in the lukewarm water, you should stir it slowly. Gently move the brush from the inside to the outside. Make sure that you do not put too much pressure on the brush. Otherwise, the bristles of the brush will become bent and brittle.

After this, take few drops of cleanser on your palm and gently massage the tip of the brush into this cleanser. Now rinse the brush thoroughly and keep it aside for drying.

Once the brush is properly dried, again you can clean it using a cleanser to make sure that it completely gets cleaned. Baby shampoo would be a good cleanser. You should use warm water and a good quality cleanser to start with. After you know how to clean eyeliner brushes properly, you can try different kinds of cleansers.

Once the eyeliner brush is dried completely squeeze out the excess moisture from it if any.

When you are done with cleaning, you are ready to sway with bold and beautiful eyeliner.

A very important tip on storing the brush is that you should store the clean eyeliner brush in its original container. The container should be air-tight and not too big to avoid dust from accumulating. If you do not use an appropriate container for your product, you might end up with spoiled bristles. Therefore, it is very important for you to store your product properly.

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